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Crowds Crowds

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I imagined...

Everything in the space craft burst and the instant I was sucked into the vacuum of Space it was tranquil. I watched my space craft burn around me and my team floating the opposite direction, I looked towards our peaceful Planet, Earth. I missed it and as I watched everything from inside my helmet I started to cry. I didn't know what to do and I was doomed to an eternity of floating and hunger. I called into my Radio, told my family that I loved them, and it was in the love of Science. I started remembering all the little happy things, I didn't want to die. I opened my thrusters towards my flaming ship and before I realized it, another Oxygen tank burst from the flames and my suit was torn. I couldn't breath, the cold was unbearable, my body started to freeze and it felt like I was turning into a human icicle. Then, blackness. I saw the light and tried to reach it, but it was too late.

Suddenly I awoke and blurred silhouettes were tending to my frostbite with an unknown substance. It was awkward, their hands were nimble and grayed. Suddenly I realized I was alive and I started to cry, blurring my image even more. I heard static from my suit, which was put to the side, they were calling for me... and I was too tired to call back.

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FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

So your saying the song would sort of be like the silence of space as your entire space craft is sucked into a black hole, somehow pushing you backwards slowly in a chaotic, silent explosion of fire and metal? Did you write this after reading the review below, or is this just a coincidence? In the review below, from his perspective he witnesses thousands of space ships suck into a black hole... and from this review its a perspective within one of those spaceships. Wohhh.

Sounds very intriguing and I LOVE these perspectives on the song. It's like "Crowds" could mean "life" whizzing past you as you fall on your last, icy breath in the deep blackness of space. "Crowds" can mean earth, as you watch it. "Crowds" can mean the infinite forms of seemingly nonexsistant bodies move past you as you stand as a ghost. Very great. I actually almost cried when making this song because I put a deep feeling of isolation into it... something tells me King Bastards "Beautiful Isolation" has subconsciously effected my music.

cpt.brainwash cpt.brainwash

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Very slow...

This song is very slow, and I love it!

GiveMeAllYourCats responds:

thanks, dubstep is half step so it sounds slow but can be as intense as you want :P

White Noise (robot Day) White Noise (robot Day)

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Wow, amazing.

I like how you made it a horror electronic song in the beginning. After hearing the others I definably wasn't expecting this. I liked how it suddenly changed to an upper tempo after 1:40. this is a good piece and I think you deserve 9 stars. But since I'm too nice, I'll give you 10 because it's an even number! Keep up the good work!

Quarl responds:


RD2010 Robostyle RD2010 Robostyle

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Very cool!

I love the part near 50 seconds. This reminded of Daft Punk a little, maybe something else but I can't really put my tongue on it, anyways great song and happy music making!

krssvr responds:

Daft Punk is one of my biggest influences

:O :O :O :O :O :O

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. . . Literal System FAILure: Sorry

Honestly, I thought it repeated very much and the beat was a little to slow for me. The same beat was carried on for so long I felt like just changing songs. Tip: Try not to repeat a beat more than 3 times in a song.

cornandbeans responds:

patience, young one...

MechanicalThunder RobotDay2010 MechanicalThunder RobotDay2010

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Very Nice! All 10!

I wasn't into this kind of stuff before, but I came onto this and it kind of inspired me in a way. It was very catchy and I'm wondering if put some Daft Punk in it? I love Daft Punk, you're great, keep up the great work!

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